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Data Analytics & Reporting

Do you feel like you are drowning in data, but have no idea how to make sense of it or what it even means?  Allow the team at Kevlex Data Solutions to help you cut through the noise by working with you to develop custom analytics and reporting dashboards that make sense for your business and highlight the key metrics that matter to you.

Custom Tools & Templates

Despite the myriad of tools and systems available to businesses today, many business still aren’t able to find a system that works for their unique needs.  Allow us to use our decades of experience with various database and data management tools to help design custom tools and templates that will allow you to manage and work with your data in a way that makes sense to you!

Data Migration

Do you have a need to move data out of one system into another?  Or maybe your business is implementing a new data system and you need support with the migration.  We will work with you to create custom bridges and import/export tools so you can smoothly transfer data with minimal pain and disruption.

Data Quality

Did you know that bad data costs the average organization around $14 Million per year?  We will analyze your data management program and help you set something up to ensure you do not lose business do to poor data!